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Cultural Solidarity of Space, Sharing and Sympathy... 24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-stream!


WATCH, FEEL and HAVE Korean culture. 24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-stream is the perfect place for you. Only we can help you do that!!


‘24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-stream’, an official branch of Space innovation Co. Ltd. shows you a globally attracting guest house with wholly new concept in the urban space.

Cheonggye-stream is stream which is flow between Jongno-gu and Jung-gu. Local residents love this stream as a rest area and there are various cultural events.

Try to walk along the cheonggye-stream start from City Hall to Seoul oriental medicine market.

You might have a great experience about wonderful city Seoul which is co-existence South Korea's history, tradition and current!

Enjoy Seoul and please feel free to take a rest at 24guesthouse Cheonggye-Stream!

'24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-Streamis cheaper than hotels.

24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-Streamis located 5 minutes walk from exit No. 1 at Euljiro3ga Station.

24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-Stream is located 7 minutes walk from Airport Limousine Bus Stop.

24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-Streamoffers service by young staff able to speak English, Chinese and Japanese. 

24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-Streamoffers breakfast.

24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-Streamoffers Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning and heatingin all rooms.

’24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-Stream’ is provided with community room to enjoy cultural sharing.

24 Guesthouse Cheonggye-Streamis a franchisee of Spaceinnocatino Co., Ltd.